Services and Rates

New Client Consultation

This is our initial meeting with you and your pets. We will discuss your individual needs, and sign all necessary forms. At this time we’ll also collect 2 copies of your house key. (This enables us to respond to your future requests more quickly, start visiting your pets right away, and can prove to be invaluable if you ever lock yourself out of your house!) The initial consultation is free of charge and is essential for every pet and owner as it allows us to get familiar with your pets, and their behavior as well as to learn where the food, play toys, leash, and other important items are stored. We also ask for a full payment from first-time clients (existing clients can pay at the start of each assignment).

PLEASE NOTE: After the initial consultation, any repeat introduction visits (such as after a move, or a new pet arrival) will carry the regular visit fees.


Standard Visit/Full Service

The most popular choice among pet owners. This visit lasts around 30 minutes and includes bathroom break, feeding, cleaning up any potential messes, administering medication, and providing personal attention to your pets. Most dogs require 2 of such visits per day, while cats and other small animals are happy with one.


Short Visit/Bathroom Break – Daily Dog Walk

Not all dogs can “hold it” while you’re at work during the day. These shorter visits are meant to give them a welcome break in the middle of the day. This visit lasts around 20 minutes and includes a short walk/play in the yard with your dog so it has an opportunity to go to the bathroom, as well as filling up the water bowl. This visit can also be used as a check in for shy or independent cats!


Long Visit/Dog Walk Special

These are perfect for those energetic or larger dogs that require exercise to remain fit, happy, and content. This visit lasts an hour and includes the walk itself and checking the food and water bowls afterwards to make sure your dog has plenty to drink after the exercise. (We are happy to take your dog for a hike on a nearby pet trail, or a jog around a block, just ask!) Remember, a tired dog is a happy dog!

$35/ $45

Vacation/Business Trip Combos

Perfect for when you’re planning to be away for a weekend or going on vacation! Just give us a call and we’ll tailor a combination of visits, walks, and bathroom breaks necessary for your pets to be comfortable while you’re away. The extended absence combos all include the home maintenance as well (opening/closing curtains, picking up your mail/packages off the porch, watering your plants etc.).

Arranged Upon Request

Pet Taxi Service

Arranged Upon Request

Holiday Surcharge

There will be a holiday surcharge per visit on the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


Any visits outside the service area of Grove City, OH and South Columbus, OH will carry the higher of the two rates listed.

We accept cash, checks, Venmo (@Natalie-Borders-1), or through PayPal (send to, using Friends and Family Setting).

Bart & Gabriel Pet Sitting does not charge extra for multiple animals, only for extra time required to address their needs properly. (During the initial consultation we will discuss the appropriate times for each visit required for your pets specifically.)